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Partners in life as in business, we come from two different worlds and yet it is together that we manage to imagine new universes . Recitem, (born Atelier Bobbie) comes from our desire to create something together and from Sophie's passion for Art, design, colors, patterns and details, those little things that end up making all the difference. .
Antoine knows how to surround us with the right people and the right tools, essential to our common quest for perfection.

All it takes is an image, a piece of music, a film or a simple walk for Sophie's mind to boil. Everyday life is an endless source of inspiration for her. It is by drawing on his love for beautiful things that we can, over the seasons, constantly reinvent our collections and expand the range of products we offer.

Because there has been, of the path traveled since our beginnings! In 2017, we made our first notebooks by hand, one by one, in our Parisian studio invaded by boxes and printers. We think with a touch of nostalgia at that time, but we think of the future with much greater pleasure!

Sophie and Antoine